Officers Leadership forum – “Lectured by” our very own Col M Rosette the Chief of Staff “THE FUTURE”

The fast changing geo-strategic environment in the wake of the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorist strikes across the globe, repercussions of the economic downturn, popular uprisings gradually spreading across North Africa and the Middle East has hastened the need to be pro-active in all respects. The development of a strong economy, stable governance and a strong military are core objectives for every country. The Seychelles is no exception. Being a small nation state, the scourge of piracy hit us hard and the need for interdependence in dealing with  different threats in this newly emerging world order is required more than ever before. We have to play our part carefully and chart a course for ensuring smooth development and stability in our waters and on our land.

Women in “THE FUTURE”


SPDF has taken these various factors into consideration and is evolving radically to counter all possible activities by our adversaries, whether overt or covert. SPDF is in the process of formulating a new strategy to deliver our changing role in the emerging geo-strategic situation. This is based on international cooperation, a review of existing functions, and inculcating dynamism to adapt to the evolving national interests.


Finally, in this fast-changing scenario, the need to be pro-active assumes greater importance. With the infusion of young minds and fresh recruitment, SPDF plans to be able to achieve any new mission required of it. There cannot be a better time to serve the country than now and to change the course of history forever.