SPDF Senior Officers on Familiarisation Visit at the Regional Centre for Operation Coordination (RCOC)

On 19 Sep 2019, the Chief Of Defence Forces (CDF) Colonel Clifford Roseline led a group of senior SPDF officers on a familiarisation visit at the Regional Centre for Operation Coordination (RCOC) based at Bois de Rose Avenue on Mahe.

The officers were given a tour of the facility and briefed about various systems and Maritime Domain Awareness MDA) tools being used.  The director of the centre, Colonel Georges Adeline and his deputy briefed the officers on the structure and main functions of the centre and how it intends to work and collaborate with national and regional stakeholders including the SPDF, in countering maritime crimes and ensuring safe and secure maritime environment in the Indian Ocean region.

Following the tour, SPDF officers have had a better understanding on the role and missions of the RCOC and the SPDF Command will be in a better position to provide additional support this particular centre and other associated structures related to it.

RCOC Seychelles is a component of the European Union financed and coordinated programme to Promote Regional Maritime Security (MASE) in Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Region. Two centres under the lead of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC); the Regional Maritime Information Fusion Centre (RMIF) Madagascar and RCOC Seychelles came into being following the signing of two regional agreements by 5 countries (Djibouti, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles) in April 2018.

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