Procedures of Enrolment



Recruiting is the life blood of the military. Without a robust ability to bring new members into the military, the services would lack sufficient manpower to carry out mission essential tasks in the near term and would lack a sufficient pool of entry-level personnel to develop into the mid-level and upper-level leaders of the future.

Given, our countries current standing, numerous opportunities for employment exist within the private as well as the public sector. There are stiff competitions between the private and public sectors and within such sectors to tap into the lucrative, but tiny labour market of young dynamic Seychellois (s). This present school leavers and young professionals with an array of attractive opportunities from which to choose from.

Despite being an attractive option that offers numerous interesting career opportunities and an action packed life-style; SPDF’s current remuneration package is aiming to attract new recruits to be further motivated to join the military.


The SPDF has a maximum quota to employ not more than 100 personnel per year.  There is usually 2 recruit batch per year.  The training last 100 days on average.

To fill any post in the SPDF (Infantry/ Air Force or Coast Guard) a person must successfully complete the recruitment training (100 days) and sign their oath of allegiance as a soldier first.  Unit choice and career choice is a process which is negotiated between the applicant and the HR Department based on vacancy, qualification and competency of the candidate.


  1. Citizen of Seychelles.
  2. Age between 18 and 28 years
  3. S5 or equivalent education
  4. Medically Fit
  5. Good Character


  • Application form
  • 2 passport photo
  • School certificates
  • Written Test/ psychometric
  • Police character certificate
  • Medical Test (SPDF Medical center)
  • Interview (panel)
  • Doping Test
  • Recruit Course (3 Months)

Aims of Training

The aims of training soldiers are:

  1. To make them military capable
  2. To make them understand why they have to be trained
  3. To make them obedient and loyal
  4. To make them contribute to national economic development

To achieve these above aims, the training of soldiers must include

  1. Military training (service subjects)
  2. Moral values/ Social/ health education and
  3. Training in economic activities

Recruit Training

Once enrolled the new entrants to the service will follow a 100 days recruit training course at the Military Training Centre. On successful completion of the training the recruit will be sworn in as Private and will be absorbed into different Units of the SPDF.  Each candidate have an option to make 3 unit choice/ post choice of which selection will be made based on merit/ vacancy, academic/ professional background of the candidate.  Candidates can also make a career choice and be trained from scratch with no prior experience or skills.