President Ramkalawan appoints New SPDF Command, Promotes and Commissions new Officers on New Year’s Day

President Ramkalawan appoints New SPDF Command, Promotes and Commissions new Officers on New Year’s Day
Commander in Chief President Wavel Ramkalawan addressing the audience
President of the Republic of Seychelles and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr Wavel Ramkalawan, had the honour to promote and commission various SPDF Officials this morning. The ceremony took place at State House in the presence of the First Lady, Mrs Linda Ramkalawan, the Vice President, Mr Ahmed Afif, Members of the National Assembly as well as other high ranking officers of the SPDF and all the units of the Armed Forces.
C-in-C appoint New CDF Col M rosette
C-in-C appoint New COS Col S Dine
The first promotion was the appointment of SPDF new Command, Col. Michael Rosette as the new SPDF Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) followed by Col. Simon Dine as the new SPDF Chief of Staff.
The ceremony also consisted of the presentation of the customary retirement plaque to the former Chief of Defence Forces, Col. Clifford Roseline, followed by the Commissioning of eight Cadet officers and the promotion and commissioning of seven officers.
In his remarks, President Ramkalawan congratulated the SPDF Officers for their discipline and professionalism, traits he said he believes are exemplary and should continue to be upheld to reflect the SPDF’S continued journey towards achieving service excellence. President Ramkalawan congratulated Col. Rosette and Col. Dine on their appointments and reaffirmed his support in working even more closely for the advancement of the SPDF and the country.
The President also thanked the outgoing CDF for his long years of service and expressed the hope that with Col. Roseline’s vast experience can continue to count on his support and advice during his presidency, although retired.
C-in-C presents retirement plaque to former CDF Rtd Col C Roseline
Commissioned Cadet Officers
On 10th August 2020 a group of 8 Cadets officers began their Pre-commissioning course held at the Seychelles Defence Academy. The five month course provided the Cadet Officers with all the basic tools and skills to serve as commissioned officers. During the ceremony the Cadet officers pledged their oath of allegiance as new officers of the Defence Forces.
2nd Lieutenants.
1. 2nd Lt. Mussard Ryan
2. 2nd Lt. Rose Jonathan
3. 2nd Lt. Renaud Dylan
4. 2nd Lt. Suzette Jean-Paul
5. 2nd Lt. Rose Jean-Yves
6. 2nd Lt. Sanguilon Daniel
7. 2nd Lt. Marimba Archile
8. Lt. Stravens Alexander
Cadet Sworn in as 2nd Lt
During the ceremony one of the Cadet officers, 2nd Lieutenant Ryan Mussard was rewarded as the best overall performer and presented with the Sword of Honour by the President and Commander In Chief.
2nd Lt Mussar
Promotion and Commissioning of Officers
The ceremomy also saw four young officers selected for promotion and three New officers commissioned as part of the offer core.
1. Commissioned to the rank of Major-Mr. Ferdinand Payet
2. Promoted to the Rank of Captain- Capt. Waren Andre and Capt. Gerard Wongpool
3. Commissioned to the rank of Captain-Mr. Luc Fonseca
4. Promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant-Lieutenant Dave Renaud and Lieutenant Elvis Nourrice
5. Commissioned to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant- Mr. Andy Mathieu
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