Officer Pre-Commissioning Course 2020 kick-starts at SDA

Officer Cadets who have completed the junior term of the Short Service Commissioning Course that was being conducted at the Officer Training Academy in India is now following on a special Pre-Commissioning Course locally.

The five officer cadets returned back to Seychelles for their mid-term break in March this year after spending four months in India. Given the COVID-19 outbreak it has not been possible for them to return to India to complete the last phase of their training. To ensure that they complete and fulfil all the training requirements before they are commissioned, a special training programme has been designed and implemented by SPDF.

The Cadets and their instructors

The five officer cadets have been joined by three others; two recently qualified Seychelles Air Force (SAF) pilots and one SAF Aircraft Engineer who has successfully completed his course in Scotland.

As of August 10, 2020, the eight trainees have started a rigorous fully residential 15 weeks training module at the Seychelles Defence Academy (SDA) covering a number of military and non-military subjects.  The programme will provide basic knowledge and skills to the officer cadets and ensure common understanding on relevant issues. Subjects contained within the programme will ensure that Officer Cadets have a basic concepts and understanding of what SPDF and the modern military is all about, and their roles in the society and the military, as future Commissioned Officers and Military Leaders.

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