Amidst the covid-19 pandemic, MuscleMindz has sponsored the SPDF through the Battlefeel 2.0 TV show with three pieces of gym equipment.  The Battlefeel TV show has created a reputation of its own when it comes to promoting fitness and team challenge between the military and the civil community. 

Through this TV show on SBC, both military and civilians compete in mixed teams to overcome different obstacles.  These challenges are held in different locations including indoor, outdoor and at sea.  The events include swimming, cross country run, map reading, survival activities, cross-fit exercise, body weight challenges, weight training challenges, cycling and canoeing to name a few.  Battlefeel 2.0 is the second edition of the show which was launched 2 years ago on SBC.

The second edition of the show was sponsored in majority by the MuscleMindz Fitness Store through its owner Mr. Barnsley Antat.  The equipment is being used to train military personnel and participants of the show at the Defence Forces Headquarters gym at Bel-eau.  Such equipment will be vital in the preparation, general conditioning and strengthening of the participants.

Bransley at the Musclemindz fitness store

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