SPDF personnel started dog training and handling in 1999, along with the Police Officers at Port Launay.  SDU was formed in 2003 and was based in Cap Ternay. Some facilities were also located at Petit Paris and now it is located in Point Larue at the Seychelles Police Academy . The unit has dogs specialised in drug detection, explosive detectors and trackers.

The SDU supports the police in law enforcement. The dogs are actively involved in tracking, search operations and anti-criminal tasks. They are also used in detection of drugs and firearms/ammunition. SDU personnel can frequently be found working alongside the Airport Authorities also.

The SDU is known for its high standard of training of the dogs as well as handlers. Personnel include specialists handlers, veterinary persons, trainers, and instructors.

With arising development SDU is set to be equipped with more resources in the near future.