Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG) is the maritime arm of the SPDF. In 1993, it evolved from the Seychelles People’s Navy (SPN) to the SCG in a seamless transition, without diminishing the core competencies of a seagoing service.

SCG is tasked with operational Search and Rescue, Deterring Maritime Offences, Environment Protection, Prevention of Maritime Pollution, Navigational Safety, Maritime Defence and Development of Regional Cooperative Strategies to deal with illegal activities.

SCG is a multi-mission and multi-skilled maritime force. Having invested heavily in infrastructure, the unit has a modern functional jetty, office buildings, a workshop, mess, accommodation buildings, stores, vehicle sheds, helipad, training areas and recreational facilities.

Seychelles Coast Guard Base at Ile Perseverance

The scourge of piracy has been the acid test of the SCG and it has come out with flying colours in all respects. The results of various engagements have weighed heavily in favour of the SCG and its competence and capabilities to deliver have been proven. SCG has put the Seychelles on the world map as a leader in the fight against maritime piracy. The country has been able to punch above its weight and many Seychellois wish to be part of it.

As part of expansion to cater with increasing demands, the SCG is on a recruitment drive and offers immense opportunities to progress in a career at sea as well as on land.

SCG vessels moving in formation